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There are many different reasons someone will seek counselling. It can be good to talk to someone who will listen to you, hear you and not judge you. 



Counselling provides you with the space to work out why you feel the way you do and to gain understanding and insight to be able to break away from unhelpful patterns that are interfering in your life and troubling you. 


How counselling works with me


I believe effective therapy means gaining an understanding of yourself in terms of the psychology that drives you, why you behave and feel as you do and how this affects you (and possibly others).  Understanding unhelpful and (often) repeating patterns in your life can be the key to unlocking the way to a calmer, happier and more fulfilling sense of Self.  

I work for many organisations (including NHS and BUPA) in different capacities and frequently work (within a 6-8 week model) to good effect. You can have as few or as many sessions as you wish but you will know when the work is done. 

I am empathic, open and real and travel at your pace.

Quote from Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung: 'until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'. 

 I am happy to see clients that have previously experienced counselling and/or psychotherapy and been disillusioned by their experience.

What do I do now?


Please feel free to call me to make an enquiry with no obligation on 07771 941222.


Relationship issues?


Anxious or distressed?


Depression or low mood?


Finding difficulty coping with stress in your life?


Difficulty making or sustaining relationships – or repeatedly involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships?


Want to understand why you do what you do/understand yourself better?


Worried that something terrible is going to happen?


Stuck in a rut or finding yourself procrastinating?


Want to achieve balance in your life?

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